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Change Coming to Columbia: Medical Marijuana Legalization

Late in May, the Colombian Congress approved medical marijuana legislation. The law was approved with 83 votes in favor, and only three against. The law does not approve the use of marijuana for recreational use. The new law is guided by principals of access and quality -- all Colombians will have equal access to the medication.

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Building Materials Industry Updates: Walt Disney Co to Open a Park in Colombia

Colombia's economy has been steadily rising for years, and continues to grow to the tune of 4-6% annually. In 2013, the country grossed an estimated US $278 billion in domestic product, and has been recognized as the third largest economy in Latin America

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Metallurgical Coal Stocks: Why You Should Be Investing in Colombia

Economic trends come and go, but one thing remains true: energy is always in demand, and if anything, its use is expected to only grow as years go by. That being said, choosing to invest in energy sectors will give you the opportunity to not only earn income but shape the future of our planet. That being said, there's no better time than now to invest in coal.

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