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Building Materials Industry Updates: Walt Disney Co to Open a Park in Colombia


investing in infrastructureColombia's economy has been steadily rising for years, and continues to grow to the tune of 4-6% annually. In 2013, the country grossed an estimated US $278 billion in domestic product, and has been recognized as the third largest economy in Latin America.

And as the 23rd most populated country in the world, this now-thriving domestic market has become ground zero for Latin America's building materials industry, particularly in sectors like coal operations, construction materials, and infrastructure.

As the building materials industry continues investing in infrastructure, New Colombia resources continues to proliferate their resource operations throughout the region. Their latest project, as announced on May 4, 2016, is to build a water reservoir near a planned 1200-acre theme park in Girardot, Colombia..

New Colombia Resource's property is approximately 25 miles from Girardot, where it is believed that the Walt Disney Co is currently constructing its fifth theme park -- the very first to exist in Latin America. Last year, Girardot's mayor announced that Disney executives were in the process of scouting 1200 acres to construct a theme park in the town..

As of May 10, 2016, New Colombia's sources confirmed that Disney purchased over 1000 acres. And while New Colombia is not yet able to speak for Disney, they are in the process of contacting them regarding an investment in a "much-needed reservoir." Currently, the existing aqueduct system in Melgar is outdated and dangerous, as it was built in the 1950s and still contains the carcinogen asbestos in the cement water pipes, creating a palpable need for additional water supply.


As major corporations like Walt Disney Co continue investing in infrastructure in Colombia and as the region continues to be one of the most business-friendly countries in the world, New Colombia's expansive stake in the building materials industry, from their mining sector to their natural water resource, will continue to be a vital asset to Colombia and its economy..