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Why Jenna Ortega Can't Dress as Wednesday Addams This Halloween

The Iconic Role of Jenna Ortega

After playing Wednesday Addams in Tim Burton’s hit Netflix show “Wednesday” in 2022, Jenna Ortega became a big star. Her performance showed how versatile she is as an actor; she captured the character’s dark humor and unique personality.

Jenna Ortega getting a second season

Netflix picked up “Wednesday” for a second season in January because of how well it did. This news made Jenna Ortega even more of a growing star in the entertainment business.

Jenna Ortega: Hollywood Strikes Shake Up the Business

As a result of the current SAG-AFTRA strikes, a new rule has come out that says Jenna Ortega can’t dress up as Wednesday Addams, even for Halloween.

Why Jenna Ortega Can't Dress as Wednesday Addams This Halloween

We stand with the Writers’ Guild of America

Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Radio and Television Artists (SAG-AFTRA) joined the Writers’ Guild of America (WGA) strike in July to show support. The WGA had been on strike since May. There were protests because talks with companies failed.

Two Work Stoppages

As a result of the ongoing strike, many film and TV projects had to be put on hold, resulting in big economic loses. This was Hollywood’s first dual work slowdown in 63 years.

SAG-AFTRA’s rules for Halloween costumes

In light of these events, SAG-AFTRA put out rules for actors’ Halloween outfits. The union told its members they couldn’t dress up as characters that would break the rules of the strike. Members could dress up as people from shows that weren’t on strike, like some cartoon TV shows, or as “generalized characters and figures.”

Limits on social media sites

SAG-AFTRA also told it members not to post pictures of outfits they made based on content that taken down on social media. This meant that people who worked on hit shows like “Wednesday,” “Stranger Things,” and “The Last of Us” expected to celebrate Halloween in a way that didn’t hurt their jobs.

More information from SAG-AFTRA

SAG-AFTRA made its position clearer by saying that the Halloween rules were made because members and content makers asked how they could support the strike while enjoying the holiday season. The rules were part of a set of standards put out by the union and were meant to stop the promotion of work that had been on strike.

A Very Important Strike for Almost 100 Days

The union made it clear that the strike was necessary and that its main goal was to get the companies back to the table to negotiate a fair deal. In the end, this would help people get back to work in the business.

What Ryan Reynolds and Mandy Moore Said

Ryan Reynolds and Mandy Moore, two well-known actors, spoke out against SAG-AFTRA’s suggestions for Halloween costumes. Reynolds made a funny joke about how excited he was to teach his 8-year-old daughter how to scream “scab” all night, even though she wasn’t in the union. The funny thing about his comment was that it showed how hard the strikes and related rules were.

Because of the current SAG-AFTRA strikes, there are now rules about what actors can and cannot wear for Halloween. This means that stars like Jenna Ortega can’t dress up as their on-screen roles, even on Halloween. The strikes and limits that came with them have messed up the entertainment business, forcing artists and producers to work around the problems while still supporting the goals of the strike.


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